I’m 40 years old today.

No bells are chiming to announce the event. No fireworks are exploding in the sky. And, no thunderous applause is being heard at my expense. It’s just another day…but, not to me.

When I opened my eyes this morning, I found myself to be a little wiser. Allow me a moment to clarify. I didn’t wake up suddenly understanding all the mysteries of the universe or how to end world hunger. However, what has made me smarter is simply reflecting back on a life full of failure, catastrophe, mistakes and love…and realizing that all of it has made me what I am today. Every awful occurrence, every horrible moment and every life changing event – each signified another opportunity to teach me something I didn’t know before.  Now, I’m stronger than I’ve ever been. I’m more confident in myself and my abilities than I was twenty years ago. And, most importantly, I’ve learned from the mistakes I’ve made…all of them.

For years, “40” was something I dreaded.  It was the beginning of “old” and the official end of my youth.  Now that it’s here, I’ve come to understand that my life has only begun.  After 40 years, I finally understand what my purpose is in life.  I can only hope that it doesn’t take another 40 years for others to see that purpose as well.


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