A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words…and Sells Books

When I attended UtopYA con in June, a convention for female paranormal romance authors and their readers, I was considered a newbie in the industry. I took the opportunity to absorb and learn everything I could from those who came before me. And I learned…A LOT.

One of the most important things I learned was how important a cover is in terms of marketability. The story inside can be an award-winning idea, full of plot twists and love stories that will make teenage girls swoon, but if the cover doesn’t draw you in…the story doesn’t matter. People will skip right over your book and move on to something else that draws their attention.

It's not bad...but it could be better. MUCH better.

My original cover. It’s not bad…but it could be better. MUCH better. Stayed tuned on August 13, 2013 for the new cover art.

While I like my original cover, and it’s relevant to the story of Dusty and Jack, it just isn’t good enough. In the YA industry, a cover is just as important as the plot. While selling my book at UtopYA, the husband of one of the bloggers asked his wife, “Why is there an Amish book here?”


So, I decided then and there to revamp the cover art. On August 13, I will revealing my new cover to the world. It is breathtaking, amazing, and gorgeous…and I can’t take the credit for any of it. Eden Crane Design took my thoughts and ideas and made it a reality. Check her stuff out. She’s amazing.

So keep an eye out on the Internet…and this blog…and my website…and my Facebook page…and my Twitter feed……well, you get the point. I will be revealing the cover and will be holding a giveaway for a free eBook copy of HAUNTING: The Dusty Chronicles – Book One. You will NOT want to miss out.

Stay tuned!!

Eden Crane Design

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